Green Screen Review #25: ERC to Switch from VR to Promoting Cannabis

Nevada County Economic Resource Council to switch focus from VR to Cannabis

The Nevada County Economic Resource Council (ERC) is adding another growth industry to their focus. Executive Director Jon Gregory plans to expand the ERC’s Initiative called “Royal Welcome” to the budding Cannabis industry. “The ERC can provide assistance in clarifying Government regulations, and to help remove barriers to success in the review and permitting processes. The goal is to help businesses through the maze of bureaucracy so that they can get up and running at the earliest possible time. Our goal is to ensure that businesses gain access to the full spectrum of services available,” the initiative reads.

It was only a matter time before VR reality set in and the realization that it was going to impossible for Green Screen Institute to compete with billionaires who have VR and AR visions and the dollars to make those visions real.  Cannabis is a worldwide recognized product of Nevada County.

We were traveling in rural Oregon and stopped at gas station and a skinny kid with a fuzzy beard came out to pump our gas. Where you from he said. “Northern California”, I answered. “Where”, he said.  “Grass Valley” I answered. “Wow,”  he replied. “My friends are down there to get some marijuana, the best there is, you cannot get any better.” Ellen and I were in France having lunch and our table companions were from Brazil. When we said we were from California and Grass Valley they recognized it as a place where high-quality marijuana is grown. But, they really want to talk about Bill Clinton’s sexual hijinks, not MJ.

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2 Responses to Green Screen Review #25: ERC to Switch from VR to Promoting Cannabis

  1. jeffpelline says:

    This is an April Fool’s joke.


  2. Stu says:

    there’s a joke in there somewhere “What’s the difference between promoting VR or MJ?”


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