People Send Me Things: Where Are Trumps Tax Returns?

Excellent point!

                                     During a recent Trump  stop, a heckler
                                    from the audience hollered, “Hey Trump,
                                    where are you hiding your tax returns?

                                    The Donald politely responded, “I’ve
                                    found a very secure place that I’m
                                    certain they won’t be found.”

                                    The insistent heckler, then shouted,
                                    “And just where is that, dummy”?

                                    The Donald smiled and said, “They are
                                    underneath Obama’s college records, his
                                    passport application, his immigration
                                    status as a student, his funding
                                    sources to pay for college, his college
                                    records, and his Selective Service

                                    “What’s your next question?”

I used to post these items in the Rebane Rumination Sandbox, which has been transferred to another blogger, which I do not visit very often.  I will be posting more items that catch my interest on this blog.

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