Where was the Nevada County Booth?

It has been 25 years since Ellen and I attended the State Fair. We were regulars when the kids were growing up, but once they went off to college we stopped going to the State Fair. When we did go, the County Booths were on the top of our list to see.  Today, we went to the State Fair, looking forward to the County Exhibits, especially the Nevada County exhibits which have been an award winner in the past.   

Walking into Building B we spotted an information booth and asked, “where is the Nevada County Booth.” The man behind the counter looked at a map of the booths and said, “Nevada County does not have a booth this year.”  Trying to not to show our disappointment we continued our tour.  As we viewed the booths, the central theme was to attract visitor to come to the host County and enjoy its history, unique food, wine, and entertainment.  The winning booth was from Mendocino County, our favorite County to visit.


Walking to the other exits and chatting over a fair food lunch we wondered why Nevada County no longer exhibited its unique history, climate, food, wine and entertainment at the State Fair? Why were they not competing with the other Counties for tourism dollars?

If readers have a good explanation I hope they will share it in the comments.    

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