New Normal is Just the Old Normal (Updated)

“Wildfires have been in the news almost every late summer and fall. Every year, the media blames ‘climate change.’ Governor Brown says these Raging Wildfires are “The New Normal,” for which he Blames Climate Change. ”

“The truth is the fires are normal and the damage done is greater because more people want to escape the urban areas and live in the hills among the trees. Ironically, government policies driven by extreme environmentalists like Governor Brown are making the fires worse.”

Robert Ingram wrote an article in the Union explaining the fire science of the LA wildfires. Details HERE

However, our local progressive do not agree, according to them, anthropogenic warming is responsible for the fires as Gov Brown claims. In a comment Steven Willer writes:

“Ingram is playing dumb or just ignorant of the fact with what global warming is doing, making weather patterns more exaggerated and prolonged.”

Here some facts the Willer nor Gov Brown wants to deal with. The number of fires and acreage affected since 1985 show the number of fires is down slightly through the acreage burned had increased before leveling off the last 20 years. The NWS tracks the number of days where conditions are conducive to wildfires when they issue red-flag warnings. It is little changed.



Update 12-24-17: 1:30PM

In a comment on his blog, Jeff Pelline said: “A chart that goes back to the ’80s tells us nothing.”

Here is a chart of more history:


What do you think? Is the “new normal” just like the old normal, from about 1950 forward when CO2 emissions stated to increase to create anthropogenic warming?  As you can see from the chart wildfire were much larger before CO2 increases.

H/T to Ice Cap for the intro and color graphics

H/T to Paul Homewood for the black and white graphics.


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  1. To the scientific medievals of the world like Steven Willers, preventable man-made global warming (co-opted today as ‘climate change’) is the new religion, the hosannas to which must be sung daily, along with the inquisition of the non-believers conducted constantly and with great clamor.


    • Steve Willer says:

      Wow, that is poetry George. So these climate scientists I read reports from, much of the hard core statistical stuff, this is challenging to understand for us lowly medieval types, so are they all wrong?


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