NID Fake News? (2nd,Update 01-24-2018)

NID launches a fake news campaign in The Union to support the development of more water collection dams, pointing out that relying on the snowpack is no longer a reliable option due to anthropogenic climate change. The message is we need dams to collect rain to survive anthropogenic droughts.

Study shows warming temperatures shifting snow to rain across Sierra Nevada.

I am all for more dams as California is subject to long-term droughts due to natural variability which I have discussed in this blog post:

Who caused these droughts?  There was no danger of anthropogenic climate change during these droughts. Why do humans cause droughts now? Why not the same variability that caused these drought periods throughout the history of  California?


See my comment posted following the article in The Union.

Update 01-24-2018   The Union has removed my comments on this article questioning the validity of the climate models used in the study reported in the article.  I  have asked for the publisher and editor to explain the removal.  Stay Tuned, I will share the response in an update. (See 2nd Update)

2nd Update 01-24-2018  I received a nice reply from Brian Hamilton, the removal was an error and the comments are restored.

This was not an intentional action on our end (we are very careful not to remove comments, unless they violate our policies). We have had this occur on occasion recently and our IT folks are looking into what causes comments to drop off. I can assure you it had nothing to do with the content of your comments


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  1. gjrebane says:

    Russ, since you are a proponent of better water management and therefore building reservoirs to stop pouring insane amounts of precious fresh water into the Pacific, what is your concern with how NID is promoting the construction of the new dam? Is it their use of “anthropogenic” to gain support of California’s overwhelming population of True Believers in man-made global warming?

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