The Medieval Warming Period was Global, not Regional

Early in my blogging on global warming and then climate change the lefty anthropogenic warmers insisted that we have never experienced this range of temperature before. My position was that the Medieval Warming Period temperature was on par with or warmer than the current global temperatures. The anthropogenic warmers positions were that the MPW was just a regional anomaly, it was not global, therefore was not reliant to the global temperature discussion. About ten years have passed and over a 1,000 studies now validate the global reach of the MPW.


Climate reconstructions of the ‘Medieval Warm Period’ 1000-1200 AD. Legend: MWP was warm (red), cold (blue), dry (yellow), wet

It appears that the lefty anthropogenic warmers were wrong. AGW was global and calls into question the argument we are experiencing unusual warming over the last 20 years. We are not, it has happened before and will happen again. There is nothing unusual about the current warming, thus casting doubt on anthropogenic warming.

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