California Drought Report – Worst Drought Ever?

The California Department of Water Resources released a report on CA droughts on Monday. The Sac Bee has the story:

The study largely dovetails with previous estimates that the latest drought, which was declared over last spring by Gov. Jerry Brown, was historically significant. It also suggests that while lengthy dry spells in California are nothing new, two other prolonged droughts also stand out: one starting in 1452 and the other in 1775.

“Periods of widespread drought are evident throughout the past six centuries, but most events are limited to three or four years,” the report said. The tree-ring evidence indicates the latest drought was the “worst five-year drought in the past six centuries, as measured by the percent of average precipitation or streamflow.”

As we have pointed out in the graphics below, California has a history of droughts, which the DWR report supports. If the state has a history of droughts going back to 1400, and beyond.  Why does Governor Brown continue to blame our current droughts on anthropogenic global warming?



I think the DWR report missed a few droughts in number and length.

Full Sac Bee Article is HERE.


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2 Responses to California Drought Report – Worst Drought Ever?

  1. gjrebane says:

    Who was it that posted this was going to be a dry winter? I’m interested to find out if anyone is tracking and publishing the reliability of the weather forecasts which are trotted out daily for us consumers by outfits ranging from NOAA to


  2. gjrebane says:

    The DWR’s reports are political and contain only what fits and/or serves to confirm the established narrative.


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