A (Satirical) Rebuttal to “The Astounding Non-Success Of Sparky Cars”

Governor Brown, Call Your Office, EV Sales not going as planned.

Watts Up With That?

Guest satirical rebuttal by David Middleton

Willis’ post on EV’s was very unfair… At least according to some of the comments.  So I thought I would post some graphs demonstrating that EV’s aren’t quite so astoundingly unsuccessful.

One of my favorite metrics is Ford F-Series pickup trucks versus electric vehicles.  F-Series sales literally crush EV sales… But, EV’s don’t appear to be losing much ground against the F-Series.  EV’s are falling further behind F-Series sales at a somewhat slower pace than they were in 2017.

FvsEV Data Sources: CarSalesBase.com and InsideEVs.com.
2018 sales extrapolated from Q1 2018.

The sum total of US EV sales (all makes and models) has almost caught up with Jeep Wrangler sales…

EVvsJeep Make/model sales data from the Wall Street Journal Market Data Center.

The EV market share has literally skyrocketed from 0.4% to 1.3% of US light weight vehicle sales.

EVpct US light weight vehicle sales…

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