Inside America’s Most Digital Counties of 2018 – Nevada County

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Congratulations to Nevada County for being selected as one of America’s digital Counties

This year’s winners are being recognized for their commitment to collaboration, automation and creating a culture of innovation.
Nevada County CA Digital County

The full infographic is HERE.


In Nevada County, headcount is down 26 percent from pre-recession levels, and CIO Steve Monaghan is learning to do more with less.

That means doing the big jobs first: Cybersecurity is critical and he’s attacked that. It also means leveraging IT assets. Investments in cloud have helped him to make the most of sparse resources. Mostly, though, Monaghan’s task as an IT leader has been to impart a sense of ownership to all involved in supporting the county’s technology needs.

“We spend a lot of time building culture around taking an entrepreneurial approach,” he said. “We’ve done workshops, we have done a whole service-management…

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2 Responses to Inside America’s Most Digital Counties of 2018 – Nevada County

  1. Russ Steele says:

    George, I was thinking the same thing, and looking at the criteria it was more about digitation of government operations, rather than communications by citizens in the County. That said, having digitized the county government and expecting people to use this new access when they do not have broadband access is stretching the point a little bit. What good is it if people cannot access it?


  2. gjrebane says:

    Amazing, to get such an accolade without having much broadband available to consumers. I wonder how they did their ratings.


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