There is nothing unusual about global warming (AKA climate change)

Robert Zimmerman at Ice Age Now
Look at how many periods of warmth our planet has enjoyed during the past 10,000 years alone.

Civilizations flourished during those warm periods and collapsed when they ended.

Did humans cause the Minoan warm period of about 3,300 years ago? No.

Did humans cause the Roman warm period of about 2,100 years ago? No.

Did humans cause the Medieval warm period of about 1,000 years ago? No.

What about all of those other warm periods? Should we blame Fred Flintstone, perhaps?

Now look at where we are today (at the far right side of the graph).

Temperatures trending down, down down

Temperatures have been trending downward for the past 3,300 years.

If that downward trend continues, we could be in a heap of trouble. While our leaders keep on taxing us to fight ‘global warming,’ we could be blindsided by an ice age.

As far as I’m concerned, all this talk about human-caused global warming is sheer nonsense, if not downright fraud. The record shows that periods of warmth – and periods of cold – hit our planet with almost consistent regularity.


What I take from this article is that we need to keep the larger picture in mind as we debate climate change which has been happening naturally for centuries, with little human influence.

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