The Sky’s Not Falling

By Congressman Tom McClintock

Abraham Lincoln told the story of boarding with the family of a Presbyterian minister on the night of the greatest meteor shower ever recorded in North America.  He was awakened by the minister who shouted, “Arise, Abraham, for the heavens are falling and the day of judgment has arrived.”  But Lincoln noticed that despite the hysteria around him and the chaos above him, he could still see the familiar constellations fixed in the sky, and he knew the world was not about to end.

No one denies that our planet is warming, carbon dioxide levels are increasing, and ocean levels are rising.  But before we run screaming into the night, let’s also do a quick reality check.  The sky isn’t falling. 

Global warming (and cooling) is nothing new: our planet has been warming on and off since the last ice age. There have been periods throughout both recorded history and pre-history when scientists tell us temperatures were much hotter (and colder) than they are today.   Science tells us that carbon dioxide levels have varied widely throughout the planet’s history, and have often been many times higher than today.  Science tells us that at the end of the last ice age, ocean levels were 400 feet lower than they are today and the modern rise has been steady, small, and doesn’t correlate to carbon dioxide levels.  In the Caribbean, where continuous hurricane records date back to 1690, hurricane frequency dropped 20 percent in the last century. 

And despite what we are told, there is a vigorous debate within the scientific community over how much human activity influences climate compared with vastly more powerful natural forces that have driven climate change for 4 ½ billion years.  As Chicken Little belatedly discovered, there is a big difference between an acorn and the sky.

The full letter with links to sources HERE. The Sky’s not Falling

I agree the sky is not falling, humans cannot control the climate by twisting the CO2 control knob, it is a natural cycle, which will turn to the cool side in due time.

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  1. Dang! Good article until you drank the nuclear power cool aid. Yes, nukes may have fewer emissions at the point of production (than what?). But, and it’s a big but, construction, maintenance, and deconstruction, not to mention storage of radioactive wastes, requires fossil fuels and their emissions. There’s no free energy lunch, nor even a reasonably inexpensive snack.


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