White House Might Make Federal Scientists Debate Skeptics

The scientist promoting anthropogenic global warming refuse to participate in a Red Team — Blue Team assessment of climate change. They must not have a very strong case, or no case at all.  The E&E News has the details:

A White House plan to debate the accuracy of climate science has hit a snag: Mainstream scientists are unlikely to participate.

Without a credible team of researchers who accept established climate science, the idea would fall flat, according to two people involved in the discussions. To get around that challenge, top officials planning the “red team” debate have floated the idea of requiring scientists at NASA or NOAA to participate, the sources said.

Another idea would be to require the National Academy of Sciences to review and respond to the work of the team in charge of highlighting uncertainties in the research that underlies the National Climate Assessment. While the sources said the exercise could debut in the coming weeks, they also cautioned that the current state of discussions is fluid.

The effort’s newest iteration is more modest than earlier proposals. Will Happer, a director on the National Security Council, had envisioned creating a rapid response team to upend the conclusions of government reports on climate change. Initial discussions considered using an executive order to create a “Presidential Committee on Climate Security.”

It appears that those have been sidelined after facing pressure from within the administration, according to sources.

[. . .]

The scaled-back goal of the current plan is to provide a back-and-forth examination of climate science in which researchers who question mainstream conclusions about warming would perform equivalently with scientists representing the vast majority of experts who accept that human activity is raising temperatures. The exercise could produce a series of white papers from both sides, essentially establishing a formal record of climate contrarianism.

The papers could act as a “correction” or addendum to the National Climate Assessment released last year, according to one source.

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If the global warmers will not debate skeptics and they will not participate in a highly transparent assessment of the core science, why should anyone listen to them at all?

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