What if there is no Climate Emergency?

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What if there is no Catastrophic Risk from Man-made Global Warming?

What if Man-made Climate Change really is a non-problem?

But what if there is a Global Cooling Catastrophe in the offing?

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2 Responses to What if there is no Climate Emergency?

  1. tom0mason says:

    There is NO Climate Emergency!
    There is however a Political Emergency in the west! Too many western governments are kowtowing to the UN’a climate nonsense, They’re not paying enough attention to the political hokum (aka socialism) that is trotted out as a solution to this non-problem. Western governments appear prepared to abandon democracy, and democratic accountability, for politically driven anti-science and the fretting of ill-informed children.
    The other big 3 governments (China, India, and Russia) know that it’s garbage but they don’t care as they see they can make a big profit from the fear-filled stupid Western nations.
    Trump has done much but rescinding the EPA ruling on CO2 is a major requirement to get the US back to being a leading player holding the UN-IPCC to account, and the tripwire for the UN’s ambition to becoming the unelected (and ANTIDEMOCRATIC) World Government.


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