CA: No Global Warming Last 5 Years

The Climate Reference Network (CRN) was established by NOAA to provide climate measurements free from urban influences; thus, they are located in remote rural locations. Specific information is HERE. The data set used in this analysis came from this NOAA CRN website.

Here are two siting example:

Screen Shot 2019-08-17 at 9.42.40 AMScreen Shot 2019-08-17 at 9.45.09 AM

The CRN was established in 2004 to counter the urban influence that was distorting temperatures of the existing networks of weather stations. The CRN network has 143 stations in the United States, A station map is HERE. California hosts seven CRN sites, all located in remote areas well away for urban influences.

    • Bodega Bay
    • Redding
    • Merced
    • Santa Barbara
    • Yosemite
    • Fallbrook
    • Stovepipe Wells

A Sacramento TV station (CBS News) has been reporting on climate change impacts in California. These scary reports indicate temperatures are continuing to rise and will soon exceed the two degrees Celsius threshold established by the UN in the Paris Accord. How accurate are these news reports? Is California continuing to warm?

The most accurate source of surface measurement data is the CRN.  I downloaded the California CRN data set in Excel format. After cleaning up the data I loaded it into a Python program to visualize the data. Below are the results of my analysis.

Let’s start with Redding at the upper end of the Sacramento Valley, which shows slight warming after 2012.


Then I plotted just the last five years, and I cannot see any significant warming.


Next, let’s look at Bodega Bay, one of my favorite places to visit on the California Coast. The graphic shows some significant warming:


But, what about the last five years at Bodega Bay? The graphic shows some significant cooling over the previous five years.


Next up is Merced in the Central Valley. Use to live near Merced in the 1960s, and it was hot in the summer. Only a slight increase in temperature.


And, in the last five years not much warming if any at all:


Now to the Southern CA Coast at Santa Barbara where the CRN observed about two degrees of warming.


That Santa Barbara warming declined by a degree in the last five years.


How about in the mountains? The Yosemite CRN shows some warming over the last ten years.


No Yosemite warming in the last five years:


Fallbrook is in Southern California and has experience about one degree of warming in ten years.


However, it has cooled in the last five years.


Finally, let’s check the warmest place in California Death Valley, Stovepipe Wells is only slight warming than ten years ago.


And, in the last five years, only slight warming.


In the previous five years, California has not had any significant warming or a slight cooling according to the Climate Reference Network.  It appears the local Sacramento TV stations are promoting a climate change agenda that cannot be supported by the facts. More fake news?


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