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Earth Hour: Just Virtue-Signaling

Recommended post by Anthony Watts at WUWT Earth Hour: A Dissent by Ross McKitrick   In 2009 I was asked by a journalist for my thoughts on the importance of Earth Hour. Here is my response. I abhor Earth Hour. … Continue reading

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Californians think climate change is happening but that it won’t hurt them, survey finds | The Sacramento Bee

Californians are more likely to believe that global warming is happening than residents of nearly every other state – but that doesn’t mean all Californians agree about it. Belief that global warming is real ranges from around 65 percent in … Continue reading

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California Drought Report #85: Centennial Reservoir Project EIS

I sent to the following to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in response to their request for comments on the Proposed Centennial Reservoir Project EIS, SPK–2016–00030 I was born in Nevada County in 1938, and a have lived there … Continue reading

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California Drought Report #84: “End-Time Cultism” Calamity

David Cole, writing at Taki’s Magazine. This is a shorter segment of a longer article HERE. If spending is the equivalent of prayer to a leftist, “climate change” is the equivalent of Christian “end-time” cultism. Let me share with you … Continue reading

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NOAA Fraud, Where is the Press?

While NOAA’s fraudulent adjustment of the global temperature data has not reached the main stream press or they choose to ignore it, here are some examples that you can present should the subject come up at the water cooler, the coffee … Continue reading

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The Reverend Gov Brown on Climate Change in his State of the State Address

Let’s examine “Reverend” Brown’s climate change remarks in more detail, a look at the Governor’s “facts.” Whatever they do in Washington, they can’t change the facts. And these are the facts: the climate is changing, the temperatures are rising and … Continue reading

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California Drought Report #79: Satellite Reveals End of “Unending” N. California Drought

Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D. With more rain and snow on the way, the supposed “unending drought” that the New York Times reported on last year has, in a matter of weeks, ended — at least in Northern California. Yesterday’s … Continue reading

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