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Heads/Hands Learning

In a comment at the Other Voices Column in The Union by George Rebane, Greg Zaller wrote: I just bought the video “Most Likely to Succeed” for our local library in the hope a public screening and discussion will result that … Continue reading

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Reality Ville

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The March for Science Missing Signs

If yesterday’s events  were truly a March for Science and not a Trump Protest March these are the boring signs we would have seen: §1 A scientific argument consists of clearly stated premises, inferences and conclusions. §2 A scientific premise is … Continue reading

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Earth Hour: Just Virtue-Signaling

Recommended post by Anthony Watts at WUWT Earth Hour: A Dissent by Ross McKitrick   In 2009 I was asked by a journalist for my thoughts on the importance of Earth Hour. Here is my response. I abhor Earth Hour. … Continue reading

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Heartland Institute to Host Climate Conference in Washington, DC March 23-24

Twelfth International Conference on Climate Change Will Focus on ‘Resetting U.S. Climate Policy’ for the Trump Administration ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL – The Heartland Institute will host the 12th International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC-12) at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in … Continue reading

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Is Wacky Politics or Weak Education Causing Millennials to Shun Western Nevada County?

A local blogger at the Sierra Foothills Report claims that our wackadoodle politics is inhibiting Millennials from considering Nevada County as a relocation destination. We are falling behind in economic development, including drawing college-educated millennials and attracting and retaining young … Continue reading

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Open Letter to Economic Developers: We have an attitude problem

SESF just completed TechTest and TechTestJr a merit scholarship programs for 2015. It was the 9th round of TechTest for high school seniors and 4th round of TechTestJr for eight grade math students. One of the trends observed over the … Continue reading

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Charles Murray’s field guide to civil disobedience

In his provocative new book, “By the People,” acclaimed social scientist and bestselling author Charles Murray shows us why we can no longer hope to roll back the power of the federal government through the normal political process.. Graphic by … Continue reading

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The Orgy of Innovation

See the Mercatus Center Navigation Tab for the latest Everyday Economics Video.  If you have not watched this series, I encourage all readers to views these short videos, they are a great intro to economics. 

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California’s Social Priorities

A new report, California’s Social Priorities, from Chapman University’s Center for Demographics and Policy. The report is authored by David Friedman and Jennifer Hernandez. “California’s policies, and regulatory and legal costs and uncertainties, tend to divert thousands of middle class … Continue reading

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