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Dr. Judith Curry’s post at WUWT on preparing to testify before Congress. Politics versus science in attributing extreme weather events to manmade global warming. If you follow me on twitter, you may have noticed that I was scheduled to testify … Continue reading

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NASA Names New Moon Landing Program Artemis After Apollo’s Sister

Andy Weir, who wrote The Martian also wrote a novel titled Artemis. It is set on the Moon in a colony that is a host to Astro tourists who comes to view the historic moon landing sites. Recommended reading if … Continue reading

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Calling Global Warming a Hoax can be Confusing!

By Russ Steele Let’s be clear, climate change is not a hoax, the climate on this plant has demonstrated a wide range of variability over millions of years and continues to vary year to year, as the oceans warm and … Continue reading

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New Normal is Just the Old Normal (Updated)

“Wildfires have been in the news almost every late summer and fall. Every year, the media blames ‘climate change.’ Governor Brown says these Raging Wildfires are “The New Normal,” for which he Blames Climate Change. ” “The truth is the … Continue reading

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CA doubles down on stupid – Court OKs cap and trade, new fuel tax passed

From the LA Times: California’s cap-and-trade program survives a legal battle in a win for Gov. Jerry Brown and environmentalists A cornerstone of California’s battle against climate change was upheld on Thursday by a state appeals court that ruled the … Continue reading

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Only in Obama’s Growing Economy: Sears & Kmart MAY Close Doors

Moody’s analysts say Sears and Kmart don’t have enough money — or access to money — to stay in business. In a note published Wednesday, the analysts downgraded Sears’ liquidity rating, saying the company is bleeding cash and will have … Continue reading

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Nevada County Fiddles While the Environmentalist Fires Continue to Consume the Local Economy.

The Union Editorial Staff wrote that NIMBYism is destroying the local economy and it is time for citizens to recognize that much need tax dollars for infrastructure improvements are slipping way to Placer County. Nevada County also is a place where … Continue reading

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Green Screen Review #13: Chilling Courtside at The VR Olympics

I have not used any VR devices,  having a hard time finding a place in my life for a good fit. My grandson has a VR headset for his cell phone but had no desire to use them. Sandra at … Continue reading

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Ayn Rand Insight

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Green Screen Review #9: VR Olympians

If you can’t make it to Rio for this summer’s Olympic games, Samsung will help you feel like you’re really there. This morning, Samsung and NBC announced they are partnering to make Olympics programming available in VR for the first … Continue reading

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