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Who Knew? Obama Administration Manipulated Climate Data

A former member of the Obama administration claims Washington, D.C., often uses “misleading” news releases about climate data to influence public opinion. Former Energy Department Undersecretary Steven Koonin told The Wall Street Journal Monday that bureaucrats within former President Barack … Continue reading

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The Idiots from Grass Valley and Nevada City Made National News

In addition to the report below this incident was discussed on National Syndicated Radio, the Tom Sullivan Show on KFBK today the 18th of April. A woman who attended the meeting called into the show, and when Tom ask where … Continue reading

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Your Opportunity to Create Gov. Change

OMB is soliciting suggestions from the general public as to which agencies, regulations, etc. could be eliminated. The deadline is June 12, so almost two months to get all the ideas in. So, let the White House know what … Continue reading

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People Send Me Things: Where Are Trumps Tax Returns?

Excellent point!                                      During a recent Trump  stop, a heckler                           … Continue reading

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How to Draw a Red Line

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Realality Check

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Nevada County Ozone Measurements In Error?

Nevada Count is often subject to summer ozone alerts. These alerts often scare local citizens, perhaps needlessly. Forest Mims III writes at Watts Up With That: Newly discovered EPA report says ozone measurements may be way off – cities may … Continue reading

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