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Got Generator?: California’s Self-Inflicted Energy Shortage

Institute for Energy Research looks at CA Energy outlook. California is again having issues with adequate electricity and its customers are being told that summer blackouts may occur. Full report HERE. Conclusion California’s utility system is so tight and complex … Continue reading

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California Drought Report # 70: Record El Niño Decline

The El Niño that brought much need precipitation to Northern California is collapsing rapidly and is moving quickly toward a La Niña condition, which could bring more drought to Northern California. There was a 2-month temperature fall of -0.37 deg. … Continue reading

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California Drought Report #57: What Does the Future Hold?

The California Weather Blog has an analysis on what the near-term future holds. So what are our prospects for the rest of the season? Well, El Niño is certainly still with us, and it’s still a top-tier event. For that … Continue reading

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Volcanos and Climate Change

It is not clear why, but when the earth cools and sunspots are at their minimum, volcanic activity on earth seems to increase, especially super volcanos that leave a significant eruption signature. See graphic below: The most dangerous super volcano … Continue reading

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California Drought Report #36: Warming Before More Cooling

El Niños in the past have raised temperatures for a period, then cooling follows shortly there after. Look at this ENSO history and you can see that warming is often followed by rapid cooling. The problem will be that the … Continue reading

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World is on a collision course with fossil fuels, Gov. Jerry Brown says

LA Times: After two days of rubbing shoulders with an international collection of politicians, Gov. Jerry Brown emerged from a climate-change conference here with new partnerships in the fight against global warming. In a speech Wednesday to government officials and … Continue reading

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Mother Nature: “Stay Right”

With the Pope going left, Mother Natures sends a message — keep right! The biggest road sign in the solar system: Massive ‘keep right’ arrow appears on solar surface as giant filaments erupt.

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Local Left Soiling Themselves over NYT Hit Piece on Dr. Willie Soon

Here is the other side of the story from Kert Davies is not a journalist but a former Greenpeace Activist, now working for a front organization funded by Greenpeace. This is not disclosed on the Sierra Foothills Report. See … Continue reading

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Boxer Climate Change Desperation

The San Francisco Chronicle has the details: Sen. Barbara Boxer opened a push Tuesday for a bipartisan bill to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the handful of days before she forfeits the gavel of the Senate’s Environment and Public Works … Continue reading

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An Un-thinking thought experiment (Edited)

Michael Anderson sent me a link to this SFGate column by Jon Carrol, A thought experiment about energy extraction, and asked for my comments. My comments are behind the brackets embedded in the text extracts. In the last few years, … Continue reading

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