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Californians think climate change is happening but that it won’t hurt them, survey finds | The Sacramento Bee

Californians are more likely to believe that global warming is happening than residents of nearly every other state – but that doesn’t mean all Californians agree about it. Belief that global warming is real ranges from around 65 percent in … Continue reading

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Green Screen Review: How America Gave Up on Change

Harvard Business Review interviewed Tyler Cowen about his latest book, on how America has given up on change. “In his last book, economist Tyler Cowen wrote about how machine intelligence could change the world. In his new book, The Complacent … Continue reading

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Where Will You Be On August 21, 2017?

Millions of Americans will witness the moon moving in between the Earth and the sun to create a total solar eclipse. The 67-mile wide path of the moon’s umbral shadow will begin in the northern Pacific and cross the U.S. … Continue reading

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Green Screen Review #22: Can GSI Survive the Long Game?

Top-tier video game developers, your so-called Triple-A shops, aren’t wasting their time on creating the next GTA V or Mass Effect for Oculus Rift, the virtual reality headset start-up owned by Facebook. The customer pool isn’t deep enough to make … Continue reading

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Hat Tip to Instapundit via Francis Turner  

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More Global Warming: A record-breaking 48 states could drop below freezing

Yes, I know it is only weather and not climate change, but I could not resist. “The first week of 2017 looks set to be the coldest ever across the continental U.S.,” says The Daily Mail. The coldest ever!Temperatures are … Continue reading

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Green Screen Review #19: While you are watching VR, VR is watching you!

Your VR device may be watching your ever emotion and sending the data back to the images provider. Where you focus your eyes, the features on your face, and your micro responses to stimuli can be collected and used to … Continue reading

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