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On the Edge of Nowhere

By Russ Steele It feels like being on the edge of nowhere with no internet connection at our campsite. When we made reservations last year one the things we checked was WiFi access at our chosen campsite. Now that we … Continue reading

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An Important Message from a Climate Change Skeptic

When I started blogging on climate issues in 2008 I telephone interviewed Dr.Tim Ball and he warned me that being an anthropogenic climate change skeptic was not going to be easy. He was right!  I support his new view of … Continue reading

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A Plethora of Transmitters

Editors Note: This was submitted to The Union’s Other Voices in Mid March. After 30 days I withdrew the article.  By Russell Steele After a year-long battle with the Nevada City City Council, Verizon decided not to install a 4G … Continue reading

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Climate Change and the Ten Warning Signs for Cults

Reposted From Medium: Have you thought to yourself that the Climate Change movement seems more and more like a religious movement? I have, so I researched how to identify a religious cult. Rick Ross, an expert on cults and intervention … Continue reading

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California Climate Roller Coaster

It contradicts claims often made by global warming alarmists that the perceived California climate change is unusual, and that it is mostly due to man emitting “climate gases” into the atmosphere. The new study finds that California’s climate has always … Continue reading

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Tales From the Open Pit

My story about working in the Open Pit at the Blackbird Mine in Idaho was published in the January Issue of Idaho Magazine. You can download the full story HERE: Summer Tales from Open Pit    

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