Remembering Ray Shine

I was sorry to read that Ray Shine had died over the weekend. As a fellow Friends of Nevada County Military board member,  we often had opportunities to chat.  I was aware that Ray had some vital health issues, but he was reluctant to discuss them.
Ellen met Ray before I did when she served on the Grand Jury in 1985-86. I met Ray for the first time when I installed a modem for him at his home in the late 1990s so he could use the internet. He was an early Nevada County Community Network User.

Ray would post comments on my blogs from time to time. I was tracking down the history of the Grass Valley weather stations after the Empire Mine closed. Ray posted a comment that for several years in the 1960s the weather station was in the backyard of his family home in Grass Valley, and he often recorded the temperatures, humidity, and precipitation for the Weather Service.

Our longest relationship was through the FNCM Packing Parties, monthly events to send our local troops boxes of treats, personal health items, local news and high school sports CDs. Ray was the President of FNCM, keeping them organized and motivated. As a community leader, he will be missed.

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Meghalayan 200 Year Drought

The newly named current geologic age that started 4,200 years ago.

Welcome to the Meghalayan, our geologic here and now. It’s one of three newly designated ages divvying up the Holocene Epoch, a geologic time period kicked off 11,700 years ago by the end of the Ice Age.

First came a warming period, now dubbed the Greenlandian Age. Then, about 8,300 years ago, the Northgrippian Age began with a big chill that gripped Earth for about 4,000 years. Finally, the Meghalayan started 4,200 years ago with a devastating, 200-year worldwide megadrought.

“It marked a quite serious collapse of human agricultural civilizations,” says Phil Gibbard of the International Union of Geological Sciences, which ratified the new ages June 14 and released an updated geologic time scale July 13. The megadrought triggered human crises and migrations ranging from China to the Middle East to India, where the new age’s namesake is located. A stalagmite from a cave in the northeast Indian state of Meghalaya acts as the official time stamp marker for the start of the age. The drought is also recorded in other geologic sediments and at archaeological sites around the world.

The Meghalayan is the first formal geologic time interval in Earth’s 4.6-billion-year history that began at the same time as a global, climate-driven cultural event.

About 4,200 years ago Lake Tahoe was 120 lower than it is today. More a large pond rather than a lake. We could experience another 200 year drought, that would have a huge impact agricultures severely impacting our ability to feed billions of people.

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Inside America’s Most Digital Counties of 2018 – Nevada County

Rural Economy Technology

Congratulations to Nevada County for being selected as one of America’s digital Counties

This year’s winners are being recognized for their commitment to collaboration, automation and creating a culture of innovation.
Nevada County CA Digital County

The full infographic is HERE.


In Nevada County, headcount is down 26 percent from pre-recession levels, and CIO Steve Monaghan is learning to do more with less.

That means doing the big jobs first: Cybersecurity is critical and he’s attacked that. It also means leveraging IT assets. Investments in cloud have helped him to make the most of sparse resources. Mostly, though, Monaghan’s task as an IT leader has been to impart a sense of ownership to all involved in supporting the county’s technology needs.

“We spend a lot of time building culture around taking an entrepreneurial approach,” he said. “We’ve done workshops, we have done a whole service-management…

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If Planet is Warming Why are CA Max Temperatures Declining (Update 08-20-18)?

The global temperature is not soaring, so the anthropogenic global warming scaremongers have been focusing on Max Temperatures at different locations around the planet. Los Angles was recently in the news and debunked HERE and Scotland HERE.

I decided to take a look at Max Temperatures in Nevada County using the historical data from the Nevada City Weather Station.  With the data downloaded and cleaned up, I wrote a simple Python program to do plot the data and do some trend analysis.  This is what I found:

Nevada City

Nevada City Max Temp 1893-2017

Overall there was no trend when examining the total record:

Nevada City Max Temp Trend 1893-2017

However, if I sliced the data from 1931 to 2017 there is a clear negative trend

Nevada City Max Temp trend 1933-2017

Using the same program I downloaded some climate data from some other sites with long temperature histories both end of the Central Valley,  Orland and Bakersfield. The plots are below:





Bakersfield Max temp 1914-2017

Bakerfield Max temp Trend

In the local press and local TV weather reports, we keep hearing about the record-breaking maximum temperatures, but we never hear that over time those maximums are in fact declining. It is always interesting to lift the curtain and see what is going on in the back room. It would appear that within the local weather coverage area from Bakersfield to Orland, the maximum temperatures are in decline.  I wonder why we have not been informed of this overall trend?    Could we be on the cusp of the next grand minimum? 



If the planet is warming, why are United Stated maximum temperatures declining?

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Where has all the heat gone?


Look at all that blue, according to the press the planet is burning up. Look at the global anomaly on the upper right side of the chart.   Look at the blue at the poles. It is summer in the artic and temperatures are below normal.  Where did all the heat go?

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Oops, Greenland Ice Sheet is Not Melting



Mother Nature screwing with the Progressive AGW agenda again, when will she stop?

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Samuel Adams Speech – August 1, 1776

American Independence is a famous speech delivered by Samuel Adams from the steps of the State House in Philadelphia, the meeting place of the Continental Congress. This speech was delivered the day before the familiar parchment copy of the Declaration of Independence was signed by the Continental Congress. The vote for independence was on July 2nd. The decision to use the Declaration written by Thomas Jefferson as the tool to announce the decision publicly was made on July 4th. The document was signed by the members on August 2nd, 1776. Continue reading

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