Putting the New York Times leaked US Climate Report in perspective.


Government Climate Scientists Attempting To Extort Money From President Trump

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Hilary Hodge For Supervisor in District 3

Thought I would check out Hilary’s web site to see what her solutions are too critical issues that will get her elected.

Searching for Hilary Hodge on Google, I came up with http://www.hilaryhodge.com

Which produced this result:

Hilary Hodge

The real Hilary Hodge Website is here: https://hilaryhodgeforsupervisor.com

Issues are here:

  • Crime
  • Housing
  • Economy
  • Homelessness

Solutions are here:

  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?

It is going to be an interesting election season. Stay Tuned.

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Sea Level Rise Has Paused

Editors Note:  Title was changed from Stopped to Paused. 

It appears that sea level rise started declining in early 2016 and has continued as the snowpack piles up in Greenland, Antarctic and Sierra.



Here is a more detailed look at the decline.


It looks like it is time for the STATE OF CALIFORNIA SEA-LEVEL RISE GUIDANCE DOCUMENT to be updated once again. Originally published in 2010 and updated in 2013. This report was developed the Coastal and Ocean Working Group of the California Climate Action Team (CO-CAT), with science support provided by the Ocean Protection Council’s Science Advisory Team and the California Ocean Science Trust.


Look at this chart from the report, how credible is it?

CA Sea-Level Rise


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Nevada County Competing Gig Cities

Gig City

Plaque for Lincoln


Ishmel and Mayor

Ishmel Goodrum and Lincoln Mayor Peter Gilbert

This noon I attended a presentation by Wave Broadband, Ishmel Goodrum, Executive VP for Operations in the California Region. He presented plaques to the Mayors of Lincoln and Rocklin, declaring them to be Gig Cities. He mentioned they were joining Loomis and Auburn as Gig Cities, all cities which have access to Gigabit Broadband. According to Goodrum, Gigabit Business Services will be available in these cities starting in the fall. “Business will have access to the speed they need for cloud services,” he said. “Business will not have to move to Sacramento anymore for high-speed access.”

The initial price for 1 Gig of broadband is $69.95 with the cost going to $89.95 after the first year according to a staff member at the meeting. One of the advantages of moving to Lincoln.  No indication of what the cost of business services would be in the fall.

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Where was the Nevada County Booth?

It has been 25 years since Ellen and I attended the State Fair. We were regulars when the kids were growing up, but once they went off to college we stopped going to the State Fair. When we did go, the County Booths were on the top of our list to see.  Today, we went to the State Fair, looking forward to the County Exhibits, especially the Nevada County exhibits which have been an award winner in the past.   

Walking into Building B we spotted an information booth and asked, “where is the Nevada County Booth.” The man behind the counter looked at a map of the booths and said, “Nevada County does not have a booth this year.”  Trying to not to show our disappointment we continued our tour.  As we viewed the booths, the central theme was to attract visitor to come to the host County and enjoy its history, unique food, wine, and entertainment.  The winning booth was from Mendocino County, our favorite County to visit.


Walking to the other exits and chatting over a fair food lunch we wondered why Nevada County no longer exhibited its unique history, climate, food, wine and entertainment at the State Fair? Why were they not competing with the other Counties for tourism dollars?

If readers have a good explanation I hope they will share it in the comments.    

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California Precipitation Report #1: Global Warming Brings More Rain to CA


Scientists at the University of California, Riverside predict California will get an average of 12 percent more precipitation through the end of this century, compared to the last 20 years of last century. CREDIT UC Riverside Strategic Communications.

Under business-as-usual greenhouse gas emissions, climate models predict California will get warmer during the rest of the century and most also predict the state will get drier.

But, new research, published July 6th in the journal Nature Communications, predicts that California will actually get wetter. The scientists from the University of California, Riverside predict the state will get an average of 12 percent more precipitation through the end of this century, compared to the last 20 years of last century.


They also found the winter months of December, January and February, when California traditionally gets the bulk of its precipitation, would account for much of the overall increase in precipitation. During those three months, precipitation levels would increase 31.6 percent in northern California, 39.2 percent in central California and 10.6 percent in southern California.

El Niño-like teleconnection increases California precipitation in response to warming

Ooops Never mind, this prediction is made using the Climate Models which have proven to be highly unreliable. Here is the reality check on the climate models:


Given the accuracy of these climate models, do you think the 40% increase in moisture is real or just some more dodgy science?   Your thoughts in the comments

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Fourth of July Humor

Brexit 1776

Happy 4th of July everyone!!

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