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California Drought Report #43

There was an interesting and totally miss leading Other Voices in The Union this morning by Paul Berger: Climate Change is real and a threat. Paul writes: On a recurring basis we see extreme and catastrophic weather events, including our … Continue reading

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Can Tim Draper Fix California With Your Help?

This came over the e-mail transom and thought I would share it with you. As you may have heard, the Six Californias Initiative did not qualify for the November 2016 ballot. But that does not mean that the issues that … Continue reading

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California Drought Report #17

The latest U.S. Drought Monitor report shows that conditions worsened in the Sierra as California is in the midst of a fourth year of drought. “In northeastern California, exceptional drought (D4) was expanded across the northern Sierras this week, while … Continue reading

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California Drought Report #7

The WeatherBELL Saturday Summary, with Joe Bastardi,  has some encouraging words for Californian’s impacted by the drought. With a weak El Niño in the Pacific, Joe is predicting near or above normal rain fall over the next 9 months in … Continue reading

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This Cannot be Good for Local Economic Development

The Telegraph Today lists Nevada City as one of the Top Ten Dangerous Cities in California Nevada City People started settling in Nevada City in 1849 during the California Gold Rush. Nevada stands for “snow-covered” which is suiting for its … Continue reading

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Do Measure S Supporters Have Shrunken Brains?

Consider this: (CNN) — Using marijuana at an early age could have long-term consequences on your brain and it may even lower your IQ, according to a new study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Researchers found … Continue reading

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Elections Have Consequences

The new GOP majority in the Senate is gearing up to finally do more than just complain about the EPA’s economy killing regulations, they are ready to take action. From The Hill: The GOP sees the midterm elections as a … Continue reading

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Governor Brown Put’en One Over on Us

Every time I see Governor Brown promoting Prop 1 in his TV commercials, the thought runs thought my mind, what is the real story behind Proposition 1, The Water Bond? Governor makes a good case for saving water, something we … Continue reading

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Surge in Oil Shipped to CA by Rail, Threat to Nevada County?

According to an AP story California is preparing for an oil boom — brought in on rail cars. There are no crude oil pipeline that can bring the North Dakota Bakken Shale crude oil to California and the demand for … Continue reading

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Bottom of the Barrel in Economic Freedom

Ellen and I, with friends, attended the Annual Mercatus Center Retreat in Scottsdale AZ last month. Browsing the table of available publications I spotted one on Freedom in the 50 States, and thumbed to the section on California. Out of … Continue reading

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